a): Define a C++ function that has two 2 integer inputs (N) and returns a double
output y, where y=∑sqrt(n+0.5)/(2n+1)
the value of n s’d be positive.
b): i):Read user inputs for N from the command window (console),
while ensuring N are positive (>0) integers. If the
user enters non-positive numbers, the program should request the
user to re-enter a positive (>0) number until a valid number is
ii). Use the above function to determine the value of y
for the user inputs N. Display the result using 3 decimal values.
iii):Using the above function and a for loop, display the values of y
for N values from 1 to 6 (1,2,3,..,6). Also write the
resulting values to a file named “output.txt”. Display the result
using 3 decimal values in all outputs (file and command windows).

Series C++

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