local cake shop has seen a recent surge in business and it has asked you to help design a system to manage the orders. The shop currently has the capacity to make up to 4 cakes per day and a cake can be stored up to 3 days prior to an event. To avoid last minute disasters, the shop will always make cakes at least 1 day prior to the event. The shop currently has the capacity to store up to 10 cakes. Standard policy is to block out 2 hours for delivery and setup at each event. The shop currently does not have the staff to handle more than one event at a time.

Design a system that will manage customer orders and event scheduling. Consider all of the factors listed in your design carefully. Sketch a user interface that will show all of the pertinent information to the cake shop employees. Design a flow chart and pseudocode that demonstrates how the system will manage the orders and inventory.

After completing the project, write an analysis of the process and identify any bottlenecks. If you were the cake shop owner, which bottleneck would you address first assuming price is not a factor? Explain your decision.

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